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Background Bash Script – Push bash script to background

Background Bash Script – Push a running bash script to continue in the background Background Bash Script – Running a bash script in the background is a simple task using nohup, but what is less known is how to force an already running script to continue in the background freeing up your terminal for other… Read More »

Download Youtube video – CentOS (Linux), Windows, Mac

Download Youtube video – CentOS At some time or another everyone has wanted to download Youtube video to have locally. From Linux (or Windows or Mac) this is a fairly simple task thanks to youtube-dl !! Easy installation, fast, flexible Installation of youtube-dl To install the latest youtube-dl, check the latest url from their site… Read More »

Installing pdftk on Centos 5 and 6 – PDF management and utility tool

PDF files are not the easiest beasts to handle at the best of times, however there is a tool called pdftk which is freely available to make your life a lot easier!

PDFTK has the functionality to split, merge, watermark, and a variety of other useful tasks to make handling data much easier.

Version 2.02 is the most complete and flexible version and can be installed on Red Hat or Centos like this :