Document Management System Docuscan New Functionality – Import PDF attachments from Emails

By | August 29, 2015
DocuScan Document Management System

DocuScan Document Management System

One of our clients had a requirement to extend the flexibility of our Document Management System called DocuScan, therefore we have spent some time integrating Docuscan with Gmail in order to facilitate his needs.

With this new module, modern fax machines can then automatically send PDF files to a specific email account for the DocuScan system to read, which then imports PDF attachments directly into the Document Management System. Or if your fax machine does not have email functionality built in to it then you are able to forward PDF files manually yourself to the Docuscan mailbox and let it import them that way !!

Maybe you also want to import actual email text as well instead of just PDF attachments? Clearly for this to work as the user you will need to make a decision which mode you want the import to run in, but that is all configurable in Docuscan.

We were quite excited about this new module we thought we would share it in a seperate post!

If you found this post by chance on Google and want to know more about the DocuScan Document Management System then check our full documentation HERE

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