How to embed a tweet in a wordpress post

By | March 26, 2016

How to embed a tweet in a wordpress post

This post has a very simple aim.. to show you how to embed a tweet in a wordpress post. This helps make your wordpress blog posts more interactive and useful for your visitors who use the popular social networking platform Twitter.

Although this may not seem a particularly relevant post for my website, in previous posts I have shown you how to post to twitter from a bash script, as well as my method for getting tags from wordpress posts that you can then use as hashtags on Twitter, therefore this post is simply an extension of the reverse of PRODUCING a tweet, by displaying it on your blog.

Many people say that Twitter is a beautiful thing, and any specific tweet has its own charm. WordPress has embraced that and made it very simple (if you know how..) to embed a tweet into your blog.

So how to do it then….

First you are looking at your twitter stream like the picture below (just for fun showing Justin Bieber posts…) –

Tweet in a wordpress post - Justin Bieber in my twitter stream

Tweet in a wordpress post – Justin Bieber in my twitter stream

So what WordPress needs is simply the twitter url. To get that simply click on the boc around the post and it appears in a new popup like this –

Justin Bieber related tweet

Justin Bieber related tweet

Ive circled the url you need at the top of the pic above.

All you have to do is paste that url into your blog post on a NEW LINE and the tweet will appear in all its glory in your post. So there you go, thats how to put a tweet in a wordpress post.

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An example –

If you find this post useful then check out some more from my site !! There are plenty more technical tips for Unix Administrators including bash scripts, useful tools, for a variety of uses. And if you feel inclined follow us on Twitter HERE

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