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Upgrade Plex Media Server (Centos, Ubuntu, Fedora)

Upgrade Plex Media Server on Linux (Centos, Ubuntu, Fedora) Plex Media Server is a pretty cool product for storing and watching your videos, movies, or listening to music on any device mobile or desktop. If you have read or used my other article for Installing Plex Media Server then at some point in the Plex… Read More »

Installing pdftk on Centos 5 and 6 – PDF management and utility tool

PDF files are not the easiest beasts to handle at the best of times, however there is a tool called pdftk which is freely available to make your life a lot easier!

PDFTK has the functionality to split, merge, watermark, and a variety of other useful tasks to make handling data much easier.

Version 2.02 is the most complete and flexible version and can be installed on Red Hat or Centos like this :

Easy install ffmpeg on Linux – The ultimate media handling utility

Anyone who has tried to handle media files of any sort from images to movies, or also flv, mp4, mp3, ts or other types of multimedia content will have heard of the utility called FFMPEG.

Quite simply FFMPEG is the gem that gives you the ability to broadcast/stream, convert, or play that media file.

Run cron job every 90 mins (minutes) – Linux Scheduling, Batch Automation, Scheduled Jobs

Run cron job every 90 mins Running a cron job is normally easy enough when you do not try and get over-complicated. Every hour or minute, or even every Monday is a simple task using the standard columns included in cron. Just to refresh you here are the first columns of a standard crontab for… Read More »