Sales and Invoicing System (SIS)

By | April 23, 2017
Sales and Invoice System - Dashboard

Sales and Invoice System – Dashboard

Sales and Invoicing System (SIS)


Andiamo International Limited

Project Type

Custom solution for UK based client, providing a Sales Ordering and Invoicing System for a major shoe manufacturer and supplier to some of the biggest UK high street stores.

Project Involvement

Project Management, System Design, Project Planning, Infrastructure Planning and Implementation, Disaster Recovery Planning, and Systems Support


Andiamo International is one of the larger suppliers for many of the leading UK High Street stores. With a range of their own brand products, they have had to maintain high quality of their products, as well as competitive pricing in order to maintain their position and relationships with stores including Debenhams, River Island, and many others.

They had been facing difficulties and various performance issues and bugs with their legacy Access based system for a number of years, which had got to a stage that was restricting their ability to provide the best service they could to maintain efficiency.

Andiamo Core Requirements

1) New system (including conversion of their legacy system) using modern infrastructure and coding techniques
2) Resolution to historical issues they faced on their legacy system
3) Reporting tools to provide better auditing and ability for them to manage their own system
4) Secure Backup and Disaster Recovery solution, protecting Andiamo data, and enabling fast recovery in the event of system failure
5) System Administration and Support
6) System Documentation for training and operational purposes

Project Implementation

Key elements of the Andiamo Sales and Invoicing System include –

– Dual Server infrastructure
– Bi-Directional Data Replication
– Development, Test, and Production environments, with full Change Control Management
– Infrastructure : CentOS 6.8, Apache 2.2.15, PHP 7.0.16, MySQL 5.6.35, Laravel 5.3.26
– Multi Company and Multi Element Invoice Generation solution
– PDF, XLS, CSV format Invoice production including built-in mailing functionality
– Built-in Auditing and Reporting

Sales and Invoice System Images

Sales and Invoice System - Invoices List

Sales and Invoice System – Invoices List

Sales and Invoice System - Invoices Edit

Sales and Invoice System – Invoices Edit

Sales and Invoice System - Add New Contact

Sales and Invoice System – Add New Contact

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