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Chasing Away a Nasty Cough

A few weeks ago, I tried some traditional Chinese medicine for Singapore when I wanted to get rid of this cough that had been bothering me. Before that, I had been using some over the counter medicine, but all it was doing was temporarily stopping the cold for a few hours, and then I would… Read More »

The Easiest Way to Handle a Trip Across Town

I have never needed a bus before. That is why I did not know the first place to look when my boss asked me to book a bus charter in Singapore. There was a conference across town, and he figured the best way to get the people going there was to charter a bus. It… Read More »

Taking a Modern Approach to Selling

I run a small company that sells clothing, and many people have asked in the past whether we have an app or not. It took us a long time just to get a website running, but people are into using apps these days, so I got in touch with a well known mobile apps developer… Read More »

I No Longer Have Back Pain

I was not sure what to do about the pain I was experiencing on a regular basis. I had so many people telling me different things. Some told me to just accept it, that I was not a young spring chicken anymore. Well, that is true, but I am certainly not over the hill either!… Read More »

My Brother Was a Home Invasion Victim

I am used to living a very quiet lifestyle. I actually make plans that will ensure that this happens. I realized last month that even the best plans cannot keep chaos from entering a person’s life. My brother lives about 40 minutes away from me, and he was the victim of a home invasion. Thankfully,… Read More »

Will Trump Ever Get ‘it’

Obviously with the latest trump news this really comes into question. I am talking about this stuff that happened in Charlottesville and the way that our president reacted to it. I remember that Saturday I turned to the news at the half time of the game that I was watching and I listened to his… Read More »

Moving to a Nice New Place in Northeast Dallas

The suburbs outside of Dallas are crowded. This is a big state, but we have some crowded areas. I wanted to live in an apartment that had a little space to move around on the grounds. I wanted spaces to relax like having a nice big swimming pool. Our old place was cramped and I… Read More »

I Love Living at Arlington 360

I looked at so many apartments in Waltham MA that I thought it was going to be impossible to find the one that I wanted. That changed though when I looked at the website for Arlington 360. As soon as I looked at the floor plans for the studio apartments as well as the one… Read More »

Enjoying Our Luxury Living in Arlington, Massachusetts

If you have ever studied anything about finances, you know that your biggest monthly expense is going to be housing no matter what your budget is. It is why a couple of friends of decided to move back in with their parents after college. I’m married, and neither of us would want that! We work,… Read More »