Moving to a Nice New Place in Northeast Dallas

By | March 8, 2017

The suburbs outside of Dallas are crowded. This is a big state, but we have some crowded areas. I wanted to live in an apartment that had a little space to move around on the grounds. I wanted spaces to relax like having a nice big swimming pool. Our old place was cramped and I did not even like our neighbors. My wife started looking for apartments in Northeast Dallas when our lease was up for renewal. We either needed to sign fast or move out. They did not want us living in our old place from month to month without a lease while we looked for another place to live.

We had to make a quick decision, but we were able to find a really nice place that had more space for the money and much more in the way of amenities. One of the biggest amenities we like is the new kitchen appliances and all the extra room. This place was designed to give you the square feet you want in a new apartment. This is especially important since we have two kids. Now they both have equally sized rooms. No more complaining that her room is bigger or he has a bigger closet in his room. That’s another thing, we really like the increase in closet space at our new apartment.

Everything is new and fresh. It is a really nice clean place to live. You can tell the maintenance staff keeps up on things, and the tenants do their part too. So far we like our neighbors too. I cannot say that at all about our old place. These folks are more in line with our personality type. It is nice to have a covered parking area for our car too. The hot Texas sun wreaks havoc on cars.

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