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Install and configure Varnish 4 – Varnish Cache for WordPress

Install and configure Varnish cache for WordPress on Centos 6 Todays post will show you how to install and configure Varnish 4 cache on your VPS (or dedicated) server to use on your WordPress site. A fairly common issue WordPress Webmasters have is the larger their wordpress websites get, the slower and slower it also… Read More »

Upgrade Plex Media Server (Centos, Ubuntu, Fedora)

Upgrade Plex Media Server on Linux (Centos, Ubuntu, Fedora) Plex Media Server is a pretty cool product for storing and watching your videos, movies, or listening to music on any device mobile or desktop. If you have read or used my other article for Installing Plex Media Server then at some point in the Plex… Read More »

How to Install and Configure DHCP Server on Centos 6

How to Install and Configure DHCP Server on Centos 6 DHCP Server – DHCP (Dynamic Host Configuration Protocol) is the protocol used to assign IP addresses (and gateway and DNS servers) to new clients on a specific local network. Installation of DHCP Server on Centos 6 As a first step you should ensure that your operating system software… Read More »

Easy install ffmpeg on Linux – The ultimate media handling utility

Anyone who has tried to handle media files of any sort from images to movies, or also flv, mp4, mp3, ts or other types of multimedia content will have heard of the utility called FFMPEG.

Quite simply FFMPEG is the gem that gives you the ability to broadcast/stream, convert, or play that media file.

Run cron job every 90 mins (minutes) – Linux Scheduling, Batch Automation, Scheduled Jobs

Run cron job every 90 mins Running a cron job is normally easy enough when you do not try and get over-complicated. Every hour or minute, or even every Monday is a simple task using the standard columns included in cron. Just to refresh you here are the first columns of a standard crontab for… Read More »

Document Management – Buy DocuScan – OCR Scan, Import and Search Solution

DocuScan Introduction : DocuScan is a Document Management, OCR scanning, indexing and search system. With the capabilities to group different types of document types (seperate filing cabinets is the best metaphore) in a single management system. It also enables indexing based on keywords or groups of keywords to enable ultra fast searching of your library… Read More »