Ipega 9028 Wireless Bluetooth Android TV Box Gamepad – Minix Compatible

By | October 14, 2015

Ipega 9028 Bluetooth Gamepad

ipega 9028 Bluetooth Gamepad

ipega 9028 Bluetooth Gamepad

A review of the Ipega 9028 Bluetooth gamepad. It is made with an attachment you can see in the pic above to attach your smartphone into it which is pretty cool if you want to use it like that! Personally I use my Ipega 9028 on my new Minix X8-H Plus.

Size and construction-wise it is perfect, feels strong, and has handled everything I threw at it. It has a usb connector to enable you to charge it (2 hours approx) and that charge lasts a few hours of constant playing. You can also play while it is plugged in and charging as well if you want.

Setting it up was easy (after learning the hard way). Do not bother with any of the Ipega drivers, sites, apps etc. Just activate bluetooth on your android device and pair it. The full steps I do are this :

1) set the controller to pair by pressing A and then the red Start button on the controller. The light will start to flash fast meaning it is looking for a connection.
2) on my Minix box I turned on Bluetooth and it finds the Ipega 9028 on the list.
3) click on it and it will pair in seconds.

You can buy the wireless Ipega 9028 controller from amazon same as I did here :

Then it is just down to which game you want to play and if it supports controllers/gamepads.

Check out my game reviews I have tested out with the Ipega 9028 on my Minix X8-H Plus HERE

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