We Discovered the Best Place to Live in the Boston Area

By | February 26, 2017

I think that finding a nice place to live is one of the fundamental physical things that we need. If you do not like your house or apartment, there is no place of refuge at the end of the work day. There is no place to retreat to when the world rages. I like the Superman idea of a Fortress of Solitude, but not in the Arctic. I was thinking more along the lines of luxury Boston apartments. I started months ago looking at apartments. I was tasked by my wife to find us a much better place to live, close to our favorite beach and within our budget.

I could do budget and close to the beach, but the nice part was left out until I discovered the Ocean 650 Apartments in Revere. We got a two bedroom apartment there, and we have been enjoying it from the first day. It has garage parking, bike storage, a place to walk our dog along with a room to bath and groom him, and we have an oceanfront view. It simply does not get any better than this in the Boston area or anywhere in Massachusetts for that matter. Our apartment has a designer kitchen and bathroom. We have a private balcony, big windows and site access is secured. The Revere Beach is right there just a few steps away too.

I could easily be a beach bum just enjoying the ocean and the sand day and night. We have been out under the stars and up early for a jog on the sand as the sun comes up. We have found our nice place to live. It makes bad work days a lot easier to cope with, and it makes it a lot easier to overlook the rudeness that is so prevalent nowadays.

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