Will Trump Ever Get ‘it’

By | October 9, 2017

Obviously with the latest trump news this really comes into question. I am talking about this stuff that happened in Charlottesville and the way that our president reacted to it. I remember that Saturday I turned to the news at the half time of the game that I was watching and I listened to his new conference. I think gobsmacked was the word that I would use, because I know for a fact that all of these white supremacists are not good Americans. If you look at what they are about, every single one of these groups is interested in the overthrow of the United States of America. It is just that simple, they want to get rid of the very principles on which this country was found. All men are created equal under God, that sort of thing and all of the equal rights. In particular the 18th Amendment is a big sore spot with these clowns, and that is what this country is about.

The simple truth is that we rose to our position of greatness, the greatest nation to ever exist, by killing Nazis and when we got done killing them we made sure that they could never come back. Now we have people who literally want to create a Fourth Reich here in this country and the president is making excuses for them. The simple truth seems to be that he thinks that it is some way or another in his self interest, since you can clearly deduce that he only cares about how any thing in the world benefits him or how it does not benefit him. If he is not a racist, then he has done nothing except give people every reason to believe otherwise. I suppose there is a theory that he believes all of his supporters are racist and so he caters to them.

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