Enjoying Our Luxury Living in Arlington, Massachusetts

By | February 18, 2017

If you have ever studied anything about finances, you know that your biggest monthly expense is going to be housing no matter what your budget is. It is why a couple of friends of decided to move back in with their parents after college. I’m married, and neither of us would want that! We work, and we budget. We both drive used cars that look new, and we found apartments for rent in Cambridge MA that are extremely nice and affordable for us as a married couple.

We decided early on to forego getting the latest new gadgets as soon as they come out, and we choose to not go for the new car loans or leases keeping our used cars instead. Foremost we wanted a very nice place to live. We wanted to be in an apartment complex that was new, and we wanted it to be a thriving community of its own. This is why we picked the Arlington 360 apartments. We got a nice one-bedroom place on a property that is packed with amenities we use every day. I spend time writing at the cyber cafe, and we both use the fitness center with the yoga room. We have garage parking for our cars, and the access to our building is controlled. There is a really nice sundeck and swimming pool and the entire community is non-smoking.

We have fit in here from the first day. Our apartment has a washer and dryer, and our kitchen has stainless steel appliances. Arlington is only a few minutes commute to where we work, so this shortens the working days significantly for us compared to how far we used to have to drive back and forth to work. I was not so sure about this residential plan when it was being built, but living here now has me convinced.

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