Taking a Modern Approach to Selling

By | November 18, 2018

I run a small company that sells clothing, and many people have asked in the past whether we have an app or not. It took us a long time just to get a website running, but people are into using apps these days, so I got in touch with a well known mobile apps developer in Singapore and asked them to create an app for my clothing company. The app was to let people place orders for clothes they wanted to by, and to let them see how they would look while wearing our clothes.

The second feature of the app was to help people do sort of a try before you buy with the clothes. This is something that people can easily do in the stores because they have changing rooms, but when you’re looking at products online on in an app, this isn’t exactly easy, because there’s nothing physical to try on. To handle this problem, I asked the developers to make it possible to upload images of themselves and then the app would put our clothes on top of that image to give the user an idea of how it looks while they’re wearing the clothes.

The app would take into account heights and body sizes when fitting the clothes onto the person, so they would be able to select the right clothes that would fit accurately. Upon releasing the app, many people were pleased that we finally had one and that they could buy our products from it. I was scared that the app would cut into our retail store sales, but they didn’t. People still came to the stores to buy the clothes directly, and some even used the app while they were in the stores. Since people bring their phones everywhere, they can shop anywhere.

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