My Brother Was a Home Invasion Victim

By | June 17, 2018

I am used to living a very quiet lifestyle. I actually make plans that will ensure that this happens. I realized last month that even the best plans cannot keep chaos from entering a person’s life. My brother lives about 40 minutes away from me, and he was the victim of a home invasion. Thankfully, he was not physically hurt, but the emotional suffering was pretty severe. The first thing he told me to do after seeing him hours later was to make sure I looked into ADT in Phoenix.

This was something that the two of us had talked about before, but neither of us had taken the initiative to get it because we just never thought that either of us would be targeted by criminals. We are not poor, but we are also not wealthy. We live comfortable lifestyles, but we still must budget our money. Because of that, we thought that someone wanting to break in would choose a house where the occupants definitely have more money than what either of us have. Well, these particular criminals were not interested in money. They wanted his prescription pills, which is even more valuable in a lot of cases according to the police.

He told me that he was getting a security system right away, and his first concern after that was making sure I got one too. He told me that he initially thought what are the chances of being a victim of a home invasion twice, but then he considered they were the same as being a victim the first time. After making sure he was okay, I did go to the website for a local ADT dealer. It did not take me long to pick out the plan that I wanted, and it was installed that same week. My brother has one too, and he is getting better every day now.

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