I Love Living at Arlington 360

By | March 1, 2017

I looked at so many apartments in Waltham MA that I thought it was going to be impossible to find the one that I wanted. That changed though when I looked at the website for Arlington 360. As soon as I looked at the floor plans for the studio apartments as well as the one bedroom apartments, I knew that I had found the one that I was going to move into. I really liked the studio apartments because they are actually bigger than what I imagined they would be, but as soon as I saw the one bedroom with the den, I knew it was for me.

The really neat thing about this apartment is that I could have designed it myself, it is that perfect for my own needs. I cannot even think what my favorite part of the entire apartment is because I just enjoy every bit of it. I have my desk in the den, and I go in there when I have to do some work. I don’t use it for anything else, and that allows me to keep my work life separate from my home life as much as possible.

The kitchen is right across from the den, and it is the perfect size for me. I don’t dabble a lot in the kitchen, but I still like to put together a meal now and again. I have the room I need to do that without sacrificing too much room for the kitchen. That would take away from how big my living room is, and I really like that. I actually have two balconies too. I am able to access one through the living room, and the other one is my own private balcony that is attached to my bedroom. Some nights, it really does feel like I am in a fairy tale!

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