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Chasing Away a Nasty Cough

A few weeks ago, I tried some traditional Chinese medicine for Singapore when I wanted to get rid of this cough that had been bothering me. Before that, I had been using some over the counter medicine, but all it was doing was temporarily stopping the cold for a few hours, and then I would be back to coughing again. It was starting to disturb the people around me, and I couldn’t stand doing it. It was thanks to my friend that I even decided to go with a traditional approach to stopping the cough.

My friend is one of those people who likes to do nearly everything the traditional way. This is mostly because her parents still do things traditionally at home, and they imprinted a lot of their habits onto her. Continue reading

The Easiest Way to Handle a Trip Across Town

I have never needed a bus before. That is why I did not know the first place to look when my boss asked me to book a bus charter in Singapore. There was a conference across town, and he figured the best way to get the people going there was to charter a bus. It is only about 25 minutes away, but traffic can make that a hard 25 minutes for the time frame that we were going to be going over there. He also did not want us separated, and that is an easy thing to happen when there are a lot of different vehicles involved. Continue reading

Taking a Modern Approach to Selling

I run a small company that sells clothing, and many people have asked in the past whether we have an app or not. It took us a long time just to get a website running, but people are into using apps these days, so I got in touch with a well known mobile apps developer in Singapore and asked them to create an app for my clothing company. The app was to let people place orders for clothes they wanted to by, and to let them see how they would look while wearing our clothes.

The second feature of the app was to help people do sort of a try before you buy with the clothes. Continue reading

I No Longer Have Back Pain

I was not sure what to do about the pain I was experiencing on a regular basis. I had so many people telling me different things. Some told me to just accept it, that I was not a young spring chicken anymore. Well, that is true, but I am certainly not over the hill either! Others told me try different medications or supplements, and one even suggested exploratory surgery. That scared me to even think about it. A couple of them see a San Jose chiropractic doctor on a regular basis, and they were the most convincing that this was definitely the way to figure out the pain and to see if there was anything that could be done about it.

They both go to the same chiropractor, so that is the one I decided to go to as well since they were both so happy with the entire staff there. I was able to get in relatively quickly, and I could see why my friends were happy patients there. Continue reading

My Brother Was a Home Invasion Victim

I am used to living a very quiet lifestyle. I actually make plans that will ensure that this happens. I realized last month that even the best plans cannot keep chaos from entering a person’s life. My brother lives about 40 minutes away from me, and he was the victim of a home invasion. Thankfully, he was not physically hurt, but the emotional suffering was pretty severe. The first thing he told me to do after seeing him hours later was to make sure I looked into ADT in Phoenix.

This was something that the two of us had talked about before, but neither of us had taken the initiative to get it because we just never thought that either of us would be targeted by criminals. We are not poor, but we are also not wealthy. Continue reading

Will Trump Ever Get ‘it’

Obviously with the latest trump news this really comes into question. I am talking about this stuff that happened in Charlottesville and the way that our president reacted to it. I remember that Saturday I turned to the news at the half time of the game that I was watching and I listened to his new conference. I think gobsmacked was the word that I would use, because I know for a fact that all of these white supremacists are not good Americans. If you look at what they are about, every single one of these groups is interested in the overthrow of the United States of America. It is just that simple, they want to get rid of the very principles on which this country was found. Continue reading

Moving to a Nice New Place in Northeast Dallas

The suburbs outside of Dallas are crowded. This is a big state, but we have some crowded areas. I wanted to live in an apartment that had a little space to move around on the grounds. I wanted spaces to relax like having a nice big swimming pool. Our old place was cramped and I did not even like our neighbors. My wife started looking for apartments in Northeast Dallas when our lease was up for renewal. We either needed to sign fast or move out. They did not want us living in our old place from month to month without a lease while we looked for another place to live.

We had to make a quick decision, but we were able to find a really nice place that had more space for the money and much more in the way of amenities. One of the biggest amenities we like is the new kitchen appliances and all the extra room. Continue reading

I Love Living at Arlington 360

I looked at so many apartments in Waltham MA that I thought it was going to be impossible to find the one that I wanted. That changed though when I looked at the website for Arlington 360. As soon as I looked at the floor plans for the studio apartments as well as the one bedroom apartments, I knew that I had found the one that I was going to move into. I really liked the studio apartments because they are actually bigger than what I imagined they would be, but as soon as I saw the one bedroom with the den, I knew it was for me.

The really neat thing about this apartment is that I could have designed it myself, it is that perfect for my own needs. Continue reading

We Discovered the Best Place to Live in the Boston Area

I think that finding a nice place to live is one of the fundamental physical things that we need. If you do not like your house or apartment, there is no place of refuge at the end of the work day. There is no place to retreat to when the world rages. I like the Superman idea of a Fortress of Solitude, but not in the Arctic. I was thinking more along the lines of luxury Boston apartments. I started months ago looking at apartments. I was tasked by my wife to find us a much better place to live, close to our favorite beach and within our budget.

I could do budget and close to the beach, but the nice part was left out until I discovered the Ocean 650 Apartments in Revere. We got a two bedroom apartment there, and we have been enjoying it from the first day. It has garage parking, bike storage, a place to walk our dog along with a room to bath and groom him, and we have an oceanfront view. Continue reading

Enjoying Our Luxury Living in Arlington, Massachusetts

If you have ever studied anything about finances, you know that your biggest monthly expense is going to be housing no matter what your budget is. It is why a couple of friends of decided to move back in with their parents after college. I’m married, and neither of us would want that! We work, and we budget. We both drive used cars that look new, and we found apartments for rent in Cambridge MA that are extremely nice and affordable for us as a married couple.

We decided early on to forego getting the latest new gadgets as soon as they come out, and we choose to not go for the new car loans or leases keeping our used cars instead. Continue reading